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Have you ever dreamed about traveling the world and living a location-independent lifestyle?

Sarah at Lake Tahoe, Nevada

Sarah at Lake Tahoe, Nevada

If you have, you may have wondered how people make money while they travel. If you are retiring or earning passive income, you may not require active income to begin pursuing the “digital nomad” lifestyle.

However, for those of you who still need to pay the bills or just want to earn a living while you travel, you may have asked questions such as:

How do you make money while you travel?

How do you do your taxes as a digital nomad?

How do you manage your mail when you travel full-time?

My name is Sarah. I’ve been living and working from the road since 2016.

I want to help you design a life you love.

My Story

Some people call them digital nomads, gypsies, freelancers, workampers, RVers, and online entrepreneurs.


I call it life. I work remotely full-time and I travel the country in my RV with my partner and two dogs.

It’s not as elusive of a lifestyle as you might think! Thousands of people across the country can make money and still travel as much as their heart desires.

Before I had a remote job, I dreamed of having the freedom to travel at the drop of a hat. Back then, working remotely seemed like a pipe dream.

But after a former employer took a chance on me, I was hooked. I got a taste of what it was truly like to create your ideal work environment. I found that I was more productive and excited about work than I ever was in my daily commute to the office.

The Daily Remote

That’s why this blog is called The Daily Remote. My goal for this blog is to show you how you can make money remotely so you can travel and live anywhere in the world.

I like to share and write about topics that will help you achieve and live your best life.

This may or may not include:

  • working remotely
  • remote and work from home jobs
  • starting and running an online business
  • travel
  • location independence
  • the digital nomad lifestyle
  • minimalistic lifestyle
  • personal finance
  • financial independence

If any or all of those topics interest you, welcome!

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