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How to prep your technology for airline travel

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Grid It

When you are preparing to travel via airplane, it can be easy to remember to pack things like clothes, shoes, and toiletries.

But, do you ever consider preparing your devices before you leave for a trip?

No, I’m not talking about making sure your devices are charged.

There are few travel hacks you can introduce into your travel lifestyle that will really change the way you fly.

Offline Music

Do you have a Spotify account? Unless you purchase WiFi on your flight, you won’t be able to access your favorite playlists. Even if you purchase WiFi, they don’t recommend streaming as the quality will likely be poor due to everyone else on the flight accessing the same router.

Before you take off, choose which playlists you’d like to listen to during your flight. I recommend something for productivity (no lyrics), something upbeat to get you pumped, and something chill. Choose the option to “Download” so you can access the music from that playlist without a data or WiFi connection.

Download Spotify Playlist Screenshot

When you pull it up to listen to it in Airplane Mode, a dialogue box will pop up saying “Turn Off Airplane Mode or Use Wi-Fi to Access Data”. Ignore this prompt. This is only if you are going to stream music.

Spotify Airplane Mode Screenshot

When a playlist is available to listen to offline, you will see a green down arrow next to your playlist indicating the music is downloaded to your device.

Offline Spotify Playlist Screenshot

Depending on how many playlists you want access to offline, you will want to give yourself ample time to download all the songs. Also, you need to consider how much space you have available on your phone. Downloading songs offline, even through Spotify, will take up space on your phone.

External Battery Pack

This is a big one. No matter what you do, it will always feel like the batteries on your devices drain quicker while you’re traveling. That’s why I always carry an external battery pack. I personally recommend Anker external battery packs like this one. This little powerhouse weighs as little as a can of soup (12.5 oz) yet charges the iPhone 7 almost seven times, the Galaxy S6 five times or the iPad mini 4 twice. It delivers the fastest possible charge and recharges itself in 10 hours with a 2 amp charger. You can also use a Mophie case to increase the battery life of your smartphone.

Cord Organizer

I don’t know how I ever survived my tech-driven life without a Grid-It by Cocoon. This simple organizer keeps all your cords and smaller gadgets organized with elastic bands which are strategically intertwined to provide the optimal setup.

I personally have one large panel but am considering another one given the plethora of cords and gadgets I carry on my person at any given time.

TSA-Friendly Backpack

I’m admittedly somewhat of a bag freak. I get excited when we got to Staples or Office Depot. I love office supplies and bags! The most crucial item in my travel-hacking arsenal is my TSA-friendly backpack from Timbuk2. I researched travel backpacks for months. My Timbuk2 Command Laptop TSA-Friendly Backpack has the laptop sleeve designed on the back pad of the pack which unzips easily to go through security scans without taking your laptop out. The rest of the pack has zipper pockets in all the right places to easily and quickly access all your go-to items such as sunglasses and keys. It is also surprisingly roomy. I was able to pack my clothes and tech for a 2-day business trip with no problems whatsoever. I highly recommend doing the research and finding a travel or carry-on pack that will work for your needs.

Mobile Hotspot

If security is a concern for you or your organization, you might want to consider a mobile hotspot. I personally rely on my mobile hotspot as my constant source of internet connectivity. They are secure, fast, and very portable. The only downside to most mobile hotspots is their battery life and coverage. If you have an AT&T or Verizon hotspot, you won’t have to worry as much about coverage unless you are traveling in a dead spot according to their coverage maps. In regards to the battery life, I have to charge my mobile hotspot every day, unlike my smartphone which only needs a charge every other day. Make sure you take this into consideration during travel if you need to access the internet on the go.

Carry-On for Minimalists

If you are the type of person that likes to check all their bags in so they don’t have to worry about a lot of carry-on possessions, you might consider something like TwelveSouth’s Travel BookBook. It has enough space to carry your smaller cords, battery packs, ear buds, and iPad. This allows you to still enjoy the techie comforts on the flights without all the bulk. Unfortunately, they no longer carry the model I have, which has space for small cords. But, it is still a stylish way to protect your tablet.


For those that want to tune out during the flight and catch up on your current read, you might consider downloading an audiobook from Audible or iTunes to your preferred device before you take flight.


Have at least a 2-hour flight ahead of you? Avoid in-flight fees and consider downloading a movie to your tablet or laptop. Just make sure you give your device ample time before your flight to download!

Free Up Space

If you are traveling, chances are you are going to want to take pictures and video. Before you take thousands of pictures, free up space on your phone by using Google Photos.

Offline Games

If you’re a gamer like me, you like to escape for a spell in a good game. However, some of the games currently on your phone may not be accessible without a connection to cellular data or internet. But, there are some great games that are available for offline play. Be sure to put them in a separate folder on your phone so you know you can play them in airplane mode! Here are just a few to check out:

  • Angry Birds
  • Dots
  • Temple Run
  • Tomb of the Mask
  • Downwell
  • Unblock Me
  • Drop 7
  • Lara Croft Go
  • 8 Ball Pool
  • Plants vs. Zombies
  • Crossy Roads
  • 2048
  • Wayward Souls

How Do You Prep for Travel?

Let me know in the comments section below or tweet at me! I’d love to hear from you! If you liked this article or think it might be helpful to someone you know, share it!

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